View Full Version : Buy Commercial meads online at Honeywine.com!

07-18-2007, 11:07 PM
Folks, if you want to try commercial meads, but can't find it locally, then your best source for getting mead is Honeywine.com at http://www.honeywine.com. My friend, Julia Herz is the site owner, and I just finished doing a complete re-write of the site for her.

She carries meads from all over the country, and while she doesn't have *every* mead, she's got a great selection.

Check it out, and tell 'em you found it on Gotmead! I don't get a dime off that, but Julia will be tickled to know if folks from here found her.

Vicky - dropping in for a sec between coding 6 other sites and trying to get the GM search fixed