View Full Version : Forum Search Tool - Which one do I use?

07-27-2007, 03:02 PM
Confused about why your Forum Searches aren't returning the information you know is out there. It could be that you're using the wrong tool!

Make sure you are using the FORUM SEARCH tab in the FORUM menu which hangs down from the wide border bar containing the SITE SEARCH BOX.

If you are using the SITE SEARCH BOX with the magnifying glass next to it you are using the wrong tool. You can check this by using the FORUM SEARCH tab in the forum menu within any thread and it will always return results exclusively from your current topic thread.

Since the forums are un-wrappered you are not getting the benefit of the actual function of the site search since it can only search the forum, and the forum thread you are in. Take a look at the image I've attached for a graphical view of which tool is which.

See this graphic ( for the difference in search tools.