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10-16-2007, 09:10 PM
Supporting Membership $25
This membership level is for those people who are non-professional producers of mead (home beer or wine makers) or other interested parties in the industry. Membership at this level allows participation at a basic level by
members of the public, who are one of the largest groups promoting mead.
Membership at this level includes access to industry information and newsletters.

. May vote for supporting member board representative to represent all supporting members.
. One supporting member associate member may sit on the Board of Directors
. All other rights

Fees are payable by check to the
IMA c/o Mountain Meadows Mead, P.O.
Box 1199, Westwood, CA 96137

Deadline for payment is November 15. Once we have some money in the
coffers we can start arranging the festival for 2008.