View Full Version : Syrah Pyment problem

01-12-2008, 06:24 PM
Back in October I started a Pyment with some Syrah Grape juice from my LHBS:

5 gal Syrah Juice
1 gal Fresh Elderberries
5 lbs Tamarisk Honey
2.5 lbs Wildflower honey
.5 lbs Tupelo Honey
2tsp Nutrient

10-27 pitched RC-212

I think my readings were off, because my OG was 1.060

10-28 added some Fermaid

10-30 SG=1.052, added 1/2 tsp fermaid, Temp 73f, "doesn't seem to have a vigorous fermentation. elderberries are turning brown, racked must off of berries into 6.5 gal carboy onto 5 lbs Wildflower Honey! Repitched RC-212
I guess I thought that it needed more sugar. My gravity reading must have been wrong, because 8lbs honey and 5 gal juice = more than 1.060

10-31 Volcano, must all over the walls! :sad1:

11-4 SG=1.070 I guess that I figured the fermentation was stuck, so I pitched two packets of K1V-1116.

11-17 Racked SG=1.045

12-27 SG=1.040 Very grapey and sweet. Brought into warmer temperature.

1-12 SG=1.038

What I thought was a Stuck fermentation was actually going fine, but the problem was just Too Much Honey.
What can I do now? Pitch EC-1118, or should I dilute it and pitch K1V?

I think it will be very good, If i can diminish the sweetness.

01-12-2008, 11:31 PM
You could try watering it down or blending it with a dry mead to reduce the sweetness. I would recommend blending since you won't water down the other mead components while you reduce the sugar level.