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05-06-2008, 08:54 PM
NOTA BENE: I'd like to ask that people following up on a request for help ask for the requstor's exact recipe and process. Once that post is made please wait for the original poser (requestor) to read it and respond. Please hold comments (even really really helpful ones that you just want to share) until the poster has responded back with the information requested. I'm seeing a trend of several people responding back with ideas, guesses, suggestions, directions and a host of information based on sheer conjecture without full details of the batches being posted. I'd like to nip that trend in the bud since most questions are answered by the details of the ingredients and processing of the mead once given in full. I'll be watching this in posts on the forums much more closely going forward.

Basically the process should be this:
1. Original Poster asks a question
2. Full details of recipe and processing is requested by another poster
3. Addtional information requested is provided by Original Poster.
4. Free for all (just kidding) but you get my point.

What I'm seeing lately is:
1. Original Poster asks a question
2. Full details of recipe and processing is requested by another poster
3. Free for all
4. Partial or semi-complete details are provided by Original Poster
5. Additional free for all session
6. Threadjacking
7. Full details posted by original poster
8. Ingredient, procedural or methodology issues are noted with the full detail
9. Meaningful possible solutions and ideas are given

I'll be enlisting the assistance of a couple of experienced forum members in order to nurture this approach. I've had emails from several new users who are very grateful for the suggestions and information, but are overwhelmed by it all as well. I think this is mostly due to the fact the the folks here on Got Mead are so generous and willing to help. I mean, hey, we've all been there, confused, worried, stressed, impatient or just plain freaked-out. I'm also not saying do not post suggestions on how to fix the problem. What I'm saying is to wait until we have complete or as complete as possible detail from the orignal poster asking for help before we fire off advice.

Thanks for your willingness to help and patience with the process,


06-03-2008, 08:45 PM
I updated my post below to be more generic. Upon re-reading it, I was only addressing posts that I make when requesting exact recipe and process. This should be the first question anyone asks in order to be sure that their helpful comments are specific to the issues addressed by the requestor. This way we're dealing with specifics rather than dealing in general general comments that may, or not apply.

It's very easy to overwhelm a new meadmaker, so if you see a request for help that involves a batch gone bad, ask for the recipe or link to the brewlong, and then let the original poster respond before dealing a bunch of information that may be really helpful at a higher level, but may not be germane to the specific issue.

Muchas thankyas!