View Full Version : Mead Lovers Digest Issues - Please read

12-10-2008, 09:03 PM
If you subscribe to the Mead Lovers' Digest and are using a Yahoo email account, you might have problems. This is from Dick Dunn, the MLD moderator:
yahoo.com is rejecting emailed Mead-Lover's Digests. I think it just
started this week, but I can't tell for sure because they're not
rejecting with a proper error indication. I don't know when (or whether)
I'll be able to get it fixed, since their trouble-report web form is
full of bugs. Also, I've had a lot of trouble with Yahoo! in the past
and they have not been helpful about fixing their problems.

If MLD subscribers at Yahoo! don't start seeing digests again within a
week or so, it will mean I've been unable to get them to stop blocking
the Digest. In that case I suggest people get an email account at a
reliable ISP and re-subscribe. (To name one such, "Gmail"--Google
Mail--has been utterly reliable.) Sorry, but there isn't much I can do
about this.
Dick Dunn