View Full Version : World of Beer Festival (Milwaukee) June 5th

05-19-2010, 02:51 PM
If you are in the Milwaukee area in a couple weekends, stop by at our beer clubs annual festival!

We are going to have meads and ciders this year. I have 6 places lined up and unless I can't get them shipped fast enough, we should have some good choices to sample along with the beers. I am really looking forward to this addition to the world of beer. Maybe I can get them to change the name to world of beer and mead next year! :p

My wife and I are the volunteer coordinators. If you make it, ask anyone who I am and then walk over and say Hi. I may seem a little frazzled and busy, but once I realize how you know me, I will change to being a nicer person. :o I'll be one of those in a kilt. Makes it easier to find me!

World of Beer Festival (http://www.worldofbeerfestival.com/)