View Full Version : Thinking of Beekeeping

06-21-2010, 01:49 AM
I have been seriously thinking of trying my hand, eventually, at beekeeping. I have some contacts with some old unused hives I could get for free. My next step is to buy some research books about it and see if there are any classes nearby that I can take.

Why I am posting here is I was wondering if there are any beekeepers near Lansing, MI that would be interested in showing a newbee some of the rope? I feel you can always learn more from people who have done something then by just reading a book. Any help or reference would be greatly appreciated.

One reason for this is a buddy of mine is planning of opening another restaurant soon and would like to eventually open a meadery with it. He wants me to help him with it and seeing as the honey is the most expensive part of making mead I figured this would be a good way to start.

Thanks again for any help or suggestions.

06-21-2010, 07:42 PM
Hi I've been doing the bee thing for five years and would say go for it . I'd also read bee's for dummys as I went it's a great book to follow. Good luck and just dont move to fast.