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10-19-2010, 04:26 PM
Brewed 9/4/10

12 lbs. Clover Honey
Water to top 5 gallon volume
K1V1116 yeast

I added yeast energizer and aerated for the first 3 days of fermentation. Had a very vigorous fermentation for the first 2 weeks.

OG 1.048
FG 1.004
I think my OG was off and the honey was not mixed enough. It should be closer to 1.080 for this amount of honey

FG 1.002

1.002 still

In advice I was given in another thread I was told to try and get this as dry as possible with an OG under 1.000 in order to safely carbonate. But I assume my fermentation has stalled.

I plan to bottle in 12 oz. beer bottles and obviously want to avoid bottle bombs. Is there anything I can do to help encourage fermentation to start back up? It is in my basement cellar so the ambient temp is in the high 60's. Should I try and warm it up?

If I can't carbonate this one I guess I will sulphate and sorbate to make sure the yeast will no longer multiply and may even cold crash, but I was really hoping to carbonate this one.

Should I give up the hope of carbonation at this point?


10-19-2010, 04:58 PM
Warming it up might do the trick, you might want to check the PH if you can as well, might be too low.

It really shouldn't have stalled, your SG was pretty low so I think there's a decent chance of getting it to start back up and finish.