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Lost Tyger
02-08-2012, 04:55 PM
My first batch of spiced mead, which I bottled around New Year's after a year of aging, had some flavors on the front side that I wasn't happy with. It was generally well recieved and we still drank / are drinking the lot of it, but room for improvement. Forgive my poor description of the tates, I'm an engineer :)

I came across this in the NewBee Guide:


DAP - 1/4 tsp per Gallon. For a 5 gallon batch, dose the Must at a rate of 1/2 tsp a day for the first three days while aerating. That way the DAP is mixed in and the Must aerated at the same time. 2 teaspoons per five gallon batch is plenty if a single dose is being made before pitching the yeast.

Fermaid K - 1 gram (1/4 tsp) per gallon of Fermaid K at 1/3 sugar break.

Use both Fermaid K and DAP before adding the yeast, especially in lower color honeys. Initially, the nitrogen in DAP is adsorbed very readily. As the fermentation progresses, use Fermaid K and supplement with yeast hulls. The nitrogen from the amino acids (in the Fermaid K) is absorbed more easily further along in the fermentation than from ammonia salts (DAP).

Note that some manufacturers make products that require slightly different dosage amounts, so it is important to read the instructions carefully. Wyeast, for example, have a yeast nutrient that instructs the brewer to use only 1 tsp. for 5 gallons.

Warning Do not use too much of either or you risk changing the flavor of the Mead and creating compounds that may spoil your batch.

...emphasis mine.

When I had gotten started, I had read the passage on DAP as requiring 1/4 tsp per gallon (I always do 5 gallons, so 1 1/4 tsp) each day while aerating. I also was using Fermaid K at the pitch and on the 3rd day, same dosing level.

To sum:
K1V-1116 yeast
1 1/4 tsp Fermaid K at pitch (Day 0)
1 1/4 tsp DAP on Day 1, aerate
1 1/4 tsp DAP on Day 2, aerate
1 1/4 tsp Fermaid K on Day 3, aerate

After re-reading the above, I wonder if I'm getting too much DAP into the must? The guide says 1/2 tsp DAP for 3 days, total 1 1/2 tsp, and I'm getting 2 1/2 tsp in there, before counting the DAP in the Fermaid K. The mead always brews to dry gravity readings, and normally does so within a couple weeks; I guess I'm trying to determine if the flavors I'm not fond of may be due to over-addition of the nutrients, and if I'm at all close to stressing out buggies.


02-08-2012, 05:33 PM
I don't think that would be enough to be noticeable in a Metheglyn. I may be wrong, but diferent people use different protocols.

Here are some links that might help.




02-09-2012, 01:15 AM
Lately I've been using more than the numbers in the NewBee guide, especially quite a bit more of the Fermaid. I don't think you'll see any off-flavors with those additions.

Medsen Fey
02-09-2012, 09:18 PM
Those additions are not heavy at all.
Whatever the odd flavor is, it is probably either due to the honey, the spices, or other fermentation management. If you want to provide the full details of the recipe including fermentation temp, and if you can give us some idea of what the off flavor tastes like, folks may be able to give you some thoughts on what caused it.

As for what to do about it, aging is usually the best thing, and another year or 2 make help it to blossom.