View Full Version : Second batch going so much better!

02-16-2012, 02:45 PM
I made my first batch over a year ago and despite doing everything I could possibly do to screw it up it actually tasted really good. I used three different types of honey and made 3 different 1 gal batches just to get a taste of the different honeys. My favorite was the orange blossom which was the least screwed up. It wound up at 15% and a FG of 1.023 which was plenty sweet just how I like them.

This time I feel like a pro so I am doing (2) 10 gal batchs that I am fermenting together in a 20 gal primary. I made 12 gallons of must which will leave me plenty of extra for back filling after racking. I did have to use a mix of honeys though so I hope it turns out as flavorful as the Orange Blossom. My OG was 1.134, I am shooting for 15% @ FG of 1.020. Just a tad les sweet than the last batch.

I did it like this because I dont really like the idea of adding unproccessed honey to back sweeten because I would think that it would affect the delicate flavors but I am not sure, maybe someone who has done both ways could chime in their experience. You end up having to use a lot more honey but I would think you would have better flavors...

For this batch I am taking daily readings to track fermentation and it is going much better so far. I used Lalvin 1116 and the nutrient/airation schedule on the newbie guide (think its on the other forum)...and so far its dropping about 10 points per day. I plan on wracking it and cold crashing it in the garage for a couple weeks when I just about get to 1.020, then racking onto sorbate/sulfate to ensure its done and then let that baby age. I'm already looking ahead to my next batch...if I could find some local honey that doesnt require an appendage. I think ill do melomels next time.

Anyway thanks a lot to everyone who helped out last year and all the helpfull info on here. Here is the new batch after I finished along with my 2 year old.