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05-24-2012, 08:32 PM
Hello this is my first post on this awesome site! Last Saturday I brewed up my first 2 batches of mead. One was a pretty standard beginner recipe with an orange and raisins, and the other one was with Green Tea.

After I finally popped on the airlocks both were bubbling away within about half an hour. The one with the orange and raisins is still going strong giving off about 1 bubble every 2 seconds, but the one with the green tea in it has slowed down a lot, and is now only bubbling once every 20 seconds. Is that even necessarily bad? Here is the recipe I used:

3 pounds of honey (local from a farm down the road)
1 gallon of water (approximately)
16 organic green tea bags *
1 teaspoon LD Carlson Yeast nutrient
1/2 teaspoon LD Carlson Yeast energizer

What I did was funnel in 1/3 of the honey into a gallon glass jug. Then I added 1/3 of the water, and shook the jug really well to dissolve the honey. Then I added the rest of the honey, and a little more water, the yeast nutrient, and energizer, and shook it really good again. Then I added the green tea bags.

* I choose my favorite brand, and used 16 bags because it's a ratio that I know I like when brewing this particular brand. I left the stings on, but ripped off the tags. There are no staples left behind.

One roblem I have was I might have filled up the jug with too much water. I say this because 12 hours later when I checked back up on it, the mead was starting to bubble up into the airlock. I corrected this by gentle pouring out approx. 8oz of the mead, and cleaning up the airlock. It has been good to go since then, and was bubbling like once ever 2 seconds for the next 4 days, but only since today has it slowed down.

Thank input would be really really appreciated!

05-24-2012, 08:49 PM
Bubbles in an airlock can indicate when you have an active fermentation, but it is a poor indicator as to where you are during the fermentation or if your fermentation has become stuck or just ended. I've had meads finish in as little as 3 days so your Green Tea Mead could be done. My suggestion is get a Hydrometer so you can track your fermentations better.

And Welcome to GotMead

05-24-2012, 09:08 PM
Thanks for the input man.

I also forgot to mention earlier that I ised Lalvin D 47 yeast.

It has actually cleared up a lot. I'm going to look into a hydrometer, but for now I think i'll let it go for as long as it continues to bubble, and then get in there better.

Do you think that would hurt?

05-24-2012, 09:24 PM
You shouldn't run into trouble letting the mead sit there for a while with D-47 Yeast.

It will bubble well past the end of fermentation. The airlock will continue to bubble as the CO2 present in the mead is released from suspension, which is why you'll see in numerous posts comments about obtaining a hydrometer and not trusting bubbles.