View Full Version : Just some thoughts on my 6 gallon batch, looking for some second opinions

08-06-2012, 01:58 PM

About 2 months I got some great feedback from everybody regarding some concerns I had on my 6 gallon batch of mead. Today I racked it again, it's 3 months in and it seems to be doing pretty well. It does still appear to be rather gassy, but it has cleared a bit and I had a taste today just to see how it's developing. I will say that it's quite a bit more dry than I was expecting--not super dry, but not really that sweet either. I've considered back sweetening later on, but I also want to give it a fair chance to develop, so I'm still undecided about it. Thoughts? :)

Looking back, I think I might have been just a bit over-ambitious in making a 6 gallon batch for my very first batch. Since then I've scaled it down to trying my hand at some 1 gallon batches, and have been quite pleased so far with my results. One batch of JAOM is so close to ready, most of the fruit has dropped, and I have a JAOM blackberry variant that is looking great too.

Hope everyone is having a fine afternoon!

(If it matters at this point or anyone is curious, here is the recipe I used for the 6 gallon batch.)

4 gallons of spring water
2 packets of Lalvin 71 B-1122 yeast
15 lbs. of dutch gold orange blossom honey
1/2 teaspon each of yeast energizer and yeast nutrient

08-06-2012, 02:32 PM
Id suggest letting it bulk age for about a year and then decide on back sweetening and how much. The flavor of the mead will improve and change a lot in that time so this will give you a better perspective. I think if you back sweeten to taste with a young mead, you may end up with something too sweet a year down the road since a lot of the off flavors you tried to mask with sweetness will have aged out by then. That's my .02 anyhow. Good luck!

Chevette Girl
08-06-2012, 02:55 PM
My thoughts? Let it age before you make any decisions about backsweetening :)