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08-01-2013, 09:37 PM
I have just started my mead horn firing in the kiln and hope to do a couple in my glaze firing Saturday. I have my equipment shopping list made out and will probably place orders next week.

My plan is to start with 5 gallon batch. I figure I'd go for Ken Schramm's Medium Sweet Orange Blossom Mead suggested in his book. I want to do the no-heat method. I buy his argument and prefer simple.

I was thinking of getting a (large) fermenter with the spigot and rather than seal it with an airlock once I had everything mixed I'd transfer via the spigot to the 5 gallon carboy and sealing the carboy w/airtrap and just leaving it in the carboy through both fermentation stages and maybe even aging. From what I've read this is OK.

My yeast question then arises from a comment here on the forums about the yeast in the above recipe. It calls for 71b-1122 and I read a comment that it has a problem with taste if the must sits too long on it. I think DV10 was mentioned as a better choice.

I'm hesitant to not stick with the original recipe. Do you think I'd be fine staying with the 71b? The plan I have works well for the amount of space I have and I like the idea of just leaving it til I'm ready to bottle. I probably could rack back into fermenter and use spigot to bottle.

I know this is pretty much try and see. Any things you can think of in this method of attack I should be aware of?


Vance G
08-01-2013, 10:51 PM
That is a fine recipe. The 71b can impart off flavors as the yeast breaks down but that is certainly not an insurmountable problem. You just rack/syphon off the clear portion of the mead after it has settled. Using the spigot to pour off the mead might cause a lot of the yeast and waste that is settled on the bottom to be transferred to your new clean vessel. An autosyphon racking cane is not that much money and works very well and is fairly easy. I usually rack twice off 71b lees and a third if I have any more settle out while bulk aging. I am not familiar with dv10 yeast. I have not used it yet. Please post a picture of your finished artwork.

08-01-2013, 11:20 PM
71B is a nice yeast for a good, rounded sort of flavour, its good for mels or especially cysers as it can metabolise about a third of the malic acid as well as being good for earlier drinkable meads.

DV10 is a champagne yeast. So good for higher ABV, neutral tasting batches though its less commonly available, you'd more likely get EC-1118.

As far as I'm aware, the period we seem to routinely suggest for 71B is to get a batch off the lees within about 2 months after completion of the ferment. Not that I understand there being any particular science behind that but no-one seems to have reported any problems in that time frame. Plus it gives enough of a window so if clearing naturally you can get a batch to drop a second lees with no problems.

I think its mainly the gross lees thats the issue.

I'm not a fan of routinely using champagne yeasts as they blow too much of the aromatics and finer flavours straight out the airlock.

So unless its a strength thing I'd use 71B over a champagne yeast any day and if its gonna not make a strong enough brew then I'd change to K1-V1116 rather than a champagne yeast........