View Full Version : Braggot question sort of ;)

08-16-2013, 08:42 PM
I am getting my wine/mead making equipment kit on 8/29 along with a peach melomel kit for my first mead.But i am really interested in making a braggot but cant find any commercial product to taste test to see if i like it. So i read honey ales are comparable to braggots so i got a honey ale today called fullers organic honey dew. I must say i like it but want to confirm is this similar to a braggot???

Midnight Sun
08-17-2013, 12:46 AM
Honey ale is pretty similar to braggots. Really the main difference is the proportion of honey vs malt. Commercial braggots are hard to find, some examples:
Rabbit’s Foot Diabhal
Magic Hat Braggot
Brother Adams Braggot Barleywine Ale
White Winter Traditional Brackett

None of these examples are available to me locally, so I can't recommend one in particular.

Have you made beer before? If not, then I suggest getting a handle on meads and wines first. Even though braggots are meads, the process more closely resembles beer brewing. Baby steps.

Midnight Sun
08-17-2013, 12:55 AM
Something I forgot to mention: one of the difficulties in making a good braggot is finding a balance with the honey, malt, hops and alcohol. If you are the patient or perfectionist type then learning to make beer is very helpful before attempting a braggot.

Myself, I started with mead, brew #6 (or #7, I forget) was a braggot. Then I made several batches of beer. My 2nd braggot was considerably better. Just a thought.