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11-07-2013, 04:11 PM
Im sitting in my deer blind so I dont have the full recipe but I think I have enough info...

I used the Mead calculator and came up with 8 lbs of honey, 3 gallons of cherry juice and the SG was 1.170 I thought but I might have read it wrong. Oh and a 5 gallon batch...

Added nutriends and acid blend too. At 8 days the fermentation almost stopped. Took a reading and the SG was 1.010.

So im thinking im going to have to rack it onto about 4 lbs of honey to get it to a medium sweet mead. If this is right will I have to pitch more yeast? I think I used Lavin D-47 but will have to double check my brew log later when I get done deer hunting...

Thanks for the help!

Ok heres the whole recipe...I had a glitch in my account here and asked for help on another site earlier and got the recipe from there...

8 lbs of honey
24 oz Of Dark Sweet Cherries
138 oz of 100% Cherry Juice
4 Sticks Cinnamon
Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2 Teaspoons Yeast Nutrient
2 teaspoons Yeast Energizer
1 teaspoon Petic Enzyme
1 Teaspoon Grape Tannin
2 Teaspoons Acid Blend
Lavin D-47 Yeast
Target SG: 1.076
10.24% ABV
Starting SG: 1.170

Marshmallow Blue
11-07-2013, 05:19 PM
1.170 sounds exorbitantly high. Did you mean 1.107. I'm fairly confidant that D-47 can't hit 21% (1.170-1.010) but 12% seems more right.

You will not have to pitch more yeast, but 1.010 sounds about right for a medium to me. I'd stabilize and stet the honey unless the taste says you need a little more.

If after stabilizing you feel you want more sweetness, add the honey gradually to taste so you can stop where you want.