View Full Version : JAOM tastes overly sweet and has a strange, unpleasant taste

11-16-2013, 11:10 AM
It's only been about 3 weeks. It is very sweet and has an aroma that reminds me of baby powder. Will the sweetness die down? what about the strange aromas and flavors? The alcohol doesn't burn (I drink spirits all the time). The taste was not good and the only way I could finish a glass enjoyably was to chase it. Will it get better? Does it take a while to get acquired to the taste of mead?

Also, once the fermentation process is underway, is bacteria messing up the flavor less of an issue due to the alcohol?

Chevette Girl
11-16-2013, 11:34 AM
This is only going to finish at around ten to twelve percent so you don't usually feel any alcohol burn even if you don't drink spirits.

You might be tasting some of the pith from the orange, it's a bit weird. And you're only at three weeks and it might not even be finished, so put it back in the closet and no touchy till 8 weeks like the recipe says.... ;D

One of the best defenses against bacteria is a healthy fermentation, as a thriving yeast colony will be vacuuming up anything edible (usually what the bacteria would want to eat) and busily produces CO2 which inhibits most bacteria.

Is it still bubbling?

Is it still cloudy?

Has the fruit sunk?