View Full Version : Odd Layers in Fermentation

01-16-2014, 11:27 AM
Tried to post last night and had some trouble getting images up. My recipe:
12.5 lb. bakers honey
5 lb. of naval oranges
3 large lemons
12 oz. pureed blackberry
wyeast 4632 smack pack of yeast

Fermentation seems to be going normal, have had one small blow through of one bubbler (replaced quickly with new sanitized one). My question is about a strange "stratification" of my mead. Three layers are as follows:
top- floating fruit, a bit of tan to light brown foam (from the bakers honey), cloudy "normal" looking ferment with plenty of bubbling. Airlock smells good with citrus and a bready yeast smell coming through.
bottom- very little activity. looks like must when I first pitched with very occasitonal bits of sediment falling to the bottom where the trub is settling normally.
middle- this is the mystery layer. It is around four inches thick of off white to light brown and looks like a semi-solid layer of yeast almost between the top and bottom. Never seen this if anyone has had a batch seperate like this please let me know.

This is my first batch so I definately could have done something wrong. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Also, all materials (carboy, airlocks, funnel, etc.) were sanitized thoroughly before starting.

01-16-2014, 05:59 PM
Early in the ferment cycle so just give it a prolonged stir and see if the layers settle out again.

It's unlikely to be an issue anyhow, the yeast will get to the available sugars.....