View Full Version : Added nutrients late - Should I add more honey?

02-15-2015, 01:58 PM
I was taking an SG reading of a traditional that I have in primary, and I saw that it was at 1.022, so I decided that while I was degassing, I would add a little extra nutrient to keep my yeast fat and happy. After I capped it, I did some calculations to figure out how far along it was, and it turned out to be much further than I had thought (91.4% sugars fermented - way past the 1/3 break).

Should I add more honey to give the yeast a reason to use up the additional nutrition? It was 1/4 tsp LD Carlson Yeast Nutrient (DAP, food-grade urea) and 1/8 tsp LD Carlson Yeast Energizer (DAP, springcell, magnesium sulphate).

For reference, here's the entire recipe:

1.5 kg Acacia Honey (3.31 lbs)
1 tsp yeast nutrient
1/2 tsp yeast energizer
~50 raisins
2.5 g EC-1118
~ 1 gallon spring water

OG: 1.118
Current SG: 1.022

Medsen Fey
02-15-2015, 07:24 PM
I wouldn't add any more unless you want a higher ABV. Your already looking at 16% and this is likely going to take some aging. I wouldn't worry about the little bit of extra nutrient. I would just let the yeast finish doing their work.

02-15-2015, 07:39 PM
Thanks. Yeah, I wasn't sure, because I had looked at another thread where someone had said that adding nutrients after the 1/3 sugar break might leave some residual nutrients that could be feasted on by bacteria and the like. I guess they would have a hard time with that ABV, though.