View Full Version : Hydromel not clearing like it should?

05-09-2015, 10:00 PM
Hi all. I've got a hydromel that I started three weeks ago:

7 lb summer flower honey
3 gal spring water
1 pack Wyeast 1388

Done in a 5 gal plastic Big Mouth Bubbler, temperature controlled with a BrewJacket to stay at 65F the whole time. SNA over the first week, adding 3.40g DAP, 5.11g F-O, and 5.11g F-K. Started 4/18 with OG 1.062; just measured it on 5/9, OG 0.996 - 8.97% alcohol by my count. It's really fizzy right now and tastes pretty dry. I'm going to rack into secondary with campden and k-sorb, then backsweeten with a bit of honey, and also do a taste test with tannins to see if that helps things.

My understanding was that most hydromels clear up pretty quickly - but this one is cloudy as ever. I was hoping since this was faster that I'd have it drinkable sooner. So my question is, why is this batch not clarifying at all? Did I do something wrong? I've had very few batches that have naturally clarified on me, and I usually use Sparkolloid to clarify them. Should I use Sparkolloid?

05-10-2015, 05:24 AM
If you're feeling impatient, use.some.clearing chems or whatever, if not, just let it be.

You could, of course, just stir the hell out of it to de-gas some. Then it should drop clear naturally, a bit quicker.

But don't worry, patience/time are on your side. As you say, its only been 3 weeks........