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03-14-2016, 06:56 PM
March 15, 2016 – GotMead Live is BACK!! More mead making radio for you!

Tonight we talk about mead making with Blair Housley from Etowah Meadery and making sour mead with Frank Golbeck at Golden Coast Meadery.

If you want to call in during the show, our call in number is 803-443-MEAD (6323), tweet @gotmeadnow or skype me at meadwench (for international callers). We want to hear from you! If you can’t call, then feel free to Tweet us on @gotmeadnow with your questions.

We apologize for the delay in coming back, JD has decided to pursue other interests, and it took me a little longer than I planned to re-tool and get the hardware and software set up for the re-boot. We wish JD well and look forward to seeing great mead making things from him in the future.

***Please pardon our dust. We’re still feeling our way around some of the new toys, and can’t guarantee that everything will go perfectly, there may be some volume variations as we dial in the sound levels.***

In this episode, we’re having ‘double the pleasure’, we have both Blair Housely, owner of Etowah Meadery, a ‘meadery in progress’, and we’re bringing back Frank Golbeck from Golden Coast Meadery, this time to go in-depth on what they’re doing with sour meads.

mead making with etowah-meaderyBlair started home brewing in 2012, and went on to win medals his first year out. He started on meads in 2014, and also won medals. He’s apprenticed at Colony Meadery and Moonlight Meadery to learn good commercial techniques.

His new meadery isn’t open yet (we’ll ask him about that!) and his flagship meads are going to be melomels, a fig mead, a mayhaw mead and a paw-paw mead (Paw-Paws!! I *love* this!).

mead making with Golden Coast MeadAfter Blair, we’ll have Frank Golbeck of Golden Coast Meadery in San Diego. We’ve had him on the show before, but we’ve gotten a lot of interest around their ‘open source’ sour mead experiments (which will be going up on GotMead soon!), and because a lot of GotMeaders have asked, we’re basically going to let him talk as long as he wants about sour meads and what they’ve done.

Bring your questions, either to the call, or tweet it, and we’ll do our best to get them to him to answer.

Read all the info and get the call in number and listening widget on the site: http://gotmead.com/blog/gotmead-live/mead-making-blair-housely-etowah-meadery-and-frank-golbeck-on-sour-mead/

03-14-2016, 07:12 PM
Super excited for the new episode and the chance to finally listen live!! I know it's going to be great!


03-14-2016, 10:43 PM
Yes! Sour meads! Can't wait!

03-14-2016, 11:48 PM
I got a chance to stop in to golden coast last week. Sampled about eight of their varieties, and introduced two friends to mead, who'd never even heard of it before! Alex (golden coast guy) was totally cool and let us sit in the back by the 30 barrel fermenters and IBC totes full of honey! I was in heaven! I can't wait to hear them talk more about their spontaneous ferment, and how they're recreating that through their consultation with a local microbiologist. Wish I were closer so I could stop in more regularly!

03-15-2016, 04:36 PM
Sour meads! Will try to catch this live...

03-16-2016, 12:12 AM
Great job tonight! Really cool episode and some pretty awesome information.

03-22-2016, 05:11 PM
Glad you liked it!!

03-22-2016, 05:37 PM
Still can't listen to it, and no luck downloading it with sound cloud. 😠

Any suggestions? I don't THINK I'm technically challenged, it just isn't cooperating with me.

03-23-2016, 07:05 PM
I haven't uploaded last week's show to Soundcloud yet, I had to clean up the recording after our glitches last week, and have to download last nights to put in the local feed that Soundcloud picks up.

I'm playing last nights' show on Soundcloud now, it plays fine. I did notice the download permission wasn't set. It is now, sorry about that. I have to set that explicitly, and neglected to.

I do notice last week's show isn't there, I'll get that fixed shortly.