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04-22-2016, 03:41 PM
Hi everyone,

I had a quick question. I'm about ten batches in and have moved from Costco honey to local raw stuff. I made three simultaneous batches using a raspberry honey and two with blackberry that I purchased 40 pounds of. All were done BOMM style. The raspberry cleared quickly but the blackberries didn't. I've now just finished my next round and all are similarly cloudy at three months. Is this something I should expect from some honeys or something of concern? Superkleer works great but I'm hoping to avoid using it if possible and do t feel like waiting six months for a BOMM.

04-22-2016, 04:10 PM
Drink it cloudy??? I've made a couple mango mels that never cleared, tasted great, just cloudy ...doesn't bother me, makes it look "fruity," but if bothers ya, .....serve it in those red plastic Solo picnic cups ;)

04-22-2016, 06:22 PM
Hah. Well I'm fine with it, im just worried that if I bottle it-- I've got a five gallon BOMM-- id like to keep some for long term aging and it will settle out in the interim.

04-22-2016, 07:16 PM
You could always filter it if you don't want to use a fining agent.

04-22-2016, 08:52 PM
Get a horn to drink out of. No one can tell if it's cloudy, then!

You have a few options to get your mead clear - fining agents, giving up on it, and time. Cold crashing can help with the time option, but is no guarantee. If you bottle early, you'll have more sediment in the bottle.

It really depends on what you're happy and comfortable with.

When in doubt, put it in a closet and start another batch...

04-23-2016, 09:07 AM
My first step for clearing is usually a cold crash. If that doesn't do it I have two options that work well typically for me.

If my mead has any fruit in it, I add pectinase. Usually within a month or so, that clears it right up. Just dump 2 tsp in during secondary, swirl it up, and get on with your life.

If the mead has no fruit, I use bentonite. 95%of the time, it clears brilliantly within a week. Bam! Done! If bentonite doesn't do it (rare) I give it a time out for a few months. Lol.

04-23-2016, 09:06 PM
Thanks for the tips. So far I've been just racking monthly and eventually they clear. This honey through me off because my other stuff got clear much faster and i have a couple sitting around with no change in three months.

Just hit my weed mead with SK yesterday because I got anxious to try it. Already sparkling after one night outside!

04-23-2016, 09:36 PM
Leave anything in a bottle or carboy long enough and more stuff will settle out, if not cleared with something else first... big red wines do this also :)

04-26-2016, 08:23 AM
When in doubt, put it in a closet and start another batch... Sound advice, right there....I've had a few "out of sight, out of mind" batches that turned out brilliantly clear.....my mango mels are also hydromels that I like to bottle carb, so....they're my one mead that I don't mind the cloudiness at all.....great summertime sipping on a sunny day :)