View Full Version : Questions we haven't forgotten!

Chevette Girl
05-29-2016, 02:43 PM
So we've had a few questions asked in the last few weeks, and I just want to let you know we haven't forgotten about them and we will get to them.

Brian Galbraith has asked 'For back to basics, could you guys do back sweetening? This is a more advanced topic, we will address it as a Back to Basics topic after we get through stabilization, which I'm hoping to schedule within the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted once we pick a show date for that topic.

Eric Bossick asked about Substitutions for things like nutrients, energizer, clarifiers and pH adjustment when one doesn't have regular access to a well-stocked homebrew store. This one's going to take a bit more research on my part (and I'd love any insight other Gotmeaders have on the topic, I've seen lots of suggestions for content but really need to research amounts), I think it will end up being a whole Back to Basics session on its own. Again, we'll keep folks posted on when we'll be broadcasting this.

Mondor asked about the BOMM challenge, will we be sending bottles out to other participants in the challenge like with the Chocolate Group Brew from a few years ago? I'm going to answer this now with a no, that will not be a mandatory part of the challenge as it's not an inexpensive proposition and requires a lot of coordination. Not that people CAN'T get together for a BOMM exchange at some point, but it will be entirely voluntary and not part of the BOMM challenge. The point of the BOMM challenge was to get those of us who fall heavily into the "procrastinators" camp to actually get off our butts and start one.

Chevette Girl
06-21-2016, 12:57 AM
So we got another question from Shawn Sinn (tgreye) asking about metheglins, we'll be making a whole Back to Basics hour on that topic in the next session of shows, so sometime in the summer, stay tuned! And no, I don't think we got your melomel questions, could you please re-send and we'll make sure anything that didn't already get covered in Fruit Part 1 gets covered when we do Part 2?

(and in answer to your question about Bun Helsing, no, he does not like a good carrot mead, his reaction if I let him sniff anything alcoholic is a face that quite clearly says, "Are you trying to KILL me?!?" followed by a quick retreat away from the perceived threat)

Also, one from Mondor about barrel aging. I haven't used a barrel for aging myself so I'll keep looking for someone who can answer that for you.