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Chevette Girl
06-02-2016, 03:44 PM
Our topic for the upcoming show is honey!

If there is something you want to ask us about honey, please post your question here!

If you have experience with particular varietals that you would like to share live on the air, please contact Vicky through one of the many available methods, and let her know how to contact you so we can pull you into the show! Or you can just call in to the show, don't worry about interrupting us :p

06-03-2016, 08:49 PM
I have often read about the evils of filtered honey.
Dutch Gold honey is filtered but it has been highly regarded in the past for mead making.
Can you shed some light on this subject?

Dazed and confused,
Evolving Caveman

Chevette Girl
06-04-2016, 12:00 AM
We will definitely discuss that! Short answer though, filtration (straining out bee parts etc) is not so much of a problem as microfiltration (straining out everything including the pollen).