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08-23-2016, 06:13 PM
I made a 5-gallon batch of mead and it had been aging for about three months. I racked it twice and the result was a crystal clear mead with a nice color. I forced carbonated in a corny keg and tried it the other day. There is a very slight mint flavor, hardly noticeable but there. A buddy of mine tried it and commented that he liked the very slight mint flavor... Ehhh... What could have given it the off taste? I have never had this happen in my previous batches. Thanks.

08-23-2016, 06:32 PM
Is it just the carbonic acid?

08-24-2016, 07:57 AM
I did not consider that. I have forced carbonated before and did not get or maybe just didn't notice it. I will try to search that some more. Thanks Squatchy.

08-25-2016, 06:41 AM
Did you use basswood (or linden) honey? That honey has a distinctively minty taste to it.

08-25-2016, 07:49 AM
Great question - I never considered that either. I used wildflower honey from both NY state (local) and California, so there is no telling where the pollen came from. I'm thinking that could be the answer. Now I don't feel too bad about the taste! Thank you.

08-25-2016, 08:23 AM
In the Ithaca (NY) area during the summer, basswood is a hit-or-miss, but prized, flow. The honey itself tastes distinctly minty. It's also a lighter honey.

08-26-2016, 02:03 AM
One honey that I have used is mint blossom honey, and not surprisingly it had a minty flavor in both the honey and mead. If the source flowers are unknown in a wildflower honey, it could be possible for mint blossom to be part of the mix.