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10-06-2016, 09:58 AM
Hi there, I'm a new member.
Some background: I'm from Poland (country in central-east Europe :P), I'm a pretty much successful homebrewer, I also did quite a few batches of fruit wines and 2 of grape wine. As I got some interests in beekeeping recently I'm going to ferment some meads. Just to get a rough idea of technical parameters of a mead I got the law regulations on mead, and... well they seem to be crazy, but maybe I'm missing something so I wanted to consult with community.

For historical reasons meads in Poland are named: półtorak (1,5), dwójniak (2), trójniak (3) or czwórniak (4), which depends on must volume to honey volume (eg. trójniak is made using 1 part honey, 2 parts water so it's 3:1). The law requires various parameters depending on type of honey, i've put them into table below:
Parameter\Honey typePółtorak (1.5)dwójniak (2)trójniak (3)czwórniak (4)
Sweetness (reducing sugars content) g/l




Total sugar calculated as sugars + (18* ABV)










Non-sugars g/l






Additionally titratable acids should be in 3.5-8 g/l (as malic acid)

Apart from requirement to add acids (why?!) there are some other things that bother me:
1. Guessing that calculation of total sugar as sugar + 18*ABV comes from ca. 18 g/l of sugars that are transformed into 1% ABV: so if i have 240g/l sugar (OG 1.090), will finish dry if fermentation is not stopped (or yeast with alcohol tolerance <12% is used)... ok, law does not allow dry meads
2. non-sugars for czwórniak are required to be >15 g/l so the honey itself should have > 60g/l of them. This is 4% (assuming 1L honey = 1.4kg). I've got an analysis of my honey in my hand... 15.1% water, 83,9% sugars... only 1% left for other stuff, how is that possible?

Any comments on that?

Vance G
10-07-2016, 08:54 PM
If you are not selling this but drinking it yourself, I don't think the laws matter all that much do they? If you want equations I am not your man. I just modify recipes that sound good and there are lots of them in the mead log section to chose from.