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06-12-2018, 04:37 PM
6-12-18 Tonight we're hanging out with Raphael Lyon, owner of Enlightenment Wines in Brooklyn, NY. Enlightenment Wines started out as a small part time farm winery in 2009 by Raphael Lyon. In 2015 Lyon reached out to Anthony Rock and Arley Marks with the intent to join forces and grow Enlightenment Wines into a full scale production meadery with a tasting room and cocktail bar in Brooklyn New York. http://ow.ly/WiTK30kt6xy [ click the link to read more]


06-13-2018, 05:56 AM
As someone who grew up in an area with tons of vineyards and who did a fair amount of barrel maintenance, grape harvesting, carrying and crushing in his childhood and teens, I can concur that the biggest factor in repeatability is weather / amount and timing of rain, the cocktail of wild yeasts in the area will be mostly consistent and the wine from the same type of grapes will taste about the same from year to year if weather was similar.

As an anecdote, a few years ago it was a dry late summer / early autumn, and most people harvested just before the rains came (and got low quantities of wine that was sweeter than usual); my parents didn't have time to do it, so they harvested after about a week of rain, and the wine came out amazing because the previously highly concentrated sugars got diluted to just about the right amount.