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01-01-2004, 12:23 PM
Hi Nashville Wine/Mead makers,

Was hoping to meet some makers of mead
from the Nashville Area. I've been making
Meads for about 1.5 years now and have
several in the bottle.

Blueberry Melomel
Blueberry Sack Cyser
Orange Melomel
Peach Melomel

I also have a Chocolate-Rasberry in bulk aging Due
to be bottles in the near future. Of the four in bottles
I'm happy with three and hopeful the 4th will improve.

In particular I'm interested in having a Mead tasting
with other makers of wines and especially meads/cysers.
I'd like feedback on my results as well as tasting
some results by others. Especially looking for people
with some experience judging said meads who could
teach the attendees (me) just a little about the process.

With the possible exception of an experience competition
judge, I'm looking for people that will contribute to the
list of home wines being tasted.

My rough goal is to host this gathering in late January
(the 24th maybe), or when the Meadwench hits town
between now and March 1. Hoping to have a firm date
by the end of the week.

John Doerter

01-13-2004, 07:55 PM
Vicky Rowe can't make it right away so we'll have another one when she can.

Currently we have firm commitments from 3 meadmakers each bringing 2+ varieties, and probable commitments from 4 others.

Send me email for more details if you want to participate in this gathering with a mead of your own.

jdoerter at comcast net

01-24-2004, 08:22 PM
Well the Gathering just broke up, My thanks to the
attendees from Music City Brewers who helped make
this such a large success. A very positive evening
with encouragement for the newer members among
our group, and the wisdom of experieced meadmakers
as well.

Our biggest problem... more mead than we could
possibly sample in one night and have people drive
home safely.

BrewGoddess had delightful cycers and a very nice
blueberry sample from primary.

Andy a.k.a. Skippy brought several nice meads including a
methglyn that was very smoth with cinamon presentation.

Cyserman brought several cysers, wonderful sparkling perry,
and even a commercial sample displying a very nice selection
of flavors, including the effects of barrel aging.

I offered a few selections of my own, all too young,
but they were not without merit in the group... never
thought I'd have a mead described as beef in wine sauce :-).
Also of intrest was the mead from primarry people
thought tasted of apricots and citrus, but they couldn't
name the main flavor as maple till they heard what it was.
Nicely subdued but definately recognizable once named,
only 24 days old i think my maple was the best of mine
that was tasted tonight. Keeping fingers crossed on the
finishing of that one.

The fact that for every mead samples tonigh another
was sent home without sampling, suggests we can
do this again soon. (though the samples might be
smaller next time).

The gathering ended with rough plans to do this
again in the fall, and perhaps to take our meads to
the Tn Ren Faire this May.

I as host inherrited several partial bottles of very fine
mead and must stagger off now.

John Doerter