View Full Version : Smokehouse Winery Tasting Party: Imbolc

01-07-2005, 06:52 PM
Come Join Us for Mead/Music this weekend

We celebrate the celtic tradition of Imbolc which translates as ‘in the belly’ and signifies the start of spring and the beginning of growing life in the womb of Mother Earth. Songwriter/Intuitive Brooksie Wells will perform a short Imbolc ceremony on SAT as well as playing a couple of her original beautiful melodies. Dawg Mung will stink the place up for a couple of minutes worth of traditional dulcimer tunes and Smokehouse regular Ben Mason will bring his unique soul/blues/rock blend that folks love so much. On SUN Dawg Mung again stinks (on ice) before the local talent of Tom/Alice (A-plus) take the stage for a mid afternoon show.


We continue to have a good amount of our Cyser(cider-mead) available for purchase. It is slightly lighter and drier than our Traditional Mead which this year has some orange blossom honey in it. Another batch of Braggot(ale-like mead) will be available soon as well and other surprises are in store for the warmer months.


The events at Smokehouse are starting to be recorded on cd these days. A 1st run of the recent Wassail CD is currently available at the tasting house for 10$ (2 cds). This upcoming Imbolc show as well as monthly (on average) music events will be available on cd for a nice momento of an afternoon or evening here. The show this weekend is from 12-6 each day (YES you can get back in time for the GAME), and the entrance fee is 10$/person(includes samples).

Hope to see you soon! Regards, John

Ed note: Folks, these guys make *faboo* mead. If you can get it, try their honeysuckle, it *rocks* -- Vicky