View Full Version : Slowed Fermentation?

03-14-2005, 10:05 PM
I started a batch nine days ago and I want to know if it is progressing slowly or if it's on schedule, all opinions welcome. I'm making a traditional mead, and the recipe was very basic: 11.5 lbs of white clover honey, nutrient and energizer for 5 gallons, and enough water for a five gallon batch. The yeast was a "smack pack" from Wyeast #3184 for sweet mead. I made a yeast starter two days before I pitched it, as well. After 12-16 hours it started fermenting, a day went by and it was fermenting well (3-4 bubbles in a row spaced two to three seconds apart). After three days I noticed it slowing and it gradually has slowed to today at 2-3 bubbles in a row spaced 13 to 14 seconds apart. Original gravity was 1.090, and today it is 1.048. Temperature has been hovering around 70 degrees since the start. I aerated the must well before I shut the fermenter, also. Is this still on track or do I need to take corrective action?

03-14-2005, 10:59 PM
Not as fast as one might hope but sounds like it is progressing well. Almost 45 points in 9 days is fine. Temperature is fine. You aerated well and the only thing you need to do is wait and be patient. Those soldiers are doing your work. I wouldn't be to hard on them. Wait til they misbehave before taking corrective action. Good things are worth waiting for and I would say all things are normal and you are going to have one fine mead to thank them for when they finish.