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05-19-2005, 07:48 PM
Hi Oskaar,

You mentioned that you get vanilla sugar at an Adriatic Grocery Store in San Pedro. Do you mind sharing the location/address? I wil be there in the next couple of days - visit Marabella ;D - and my mom's been chewing my ears off to get her some vanilla sugar and some other vanilla stuff *like back home*.She wanted me to drive her to Mexico for it! I promise some *killer* home-made backlava in return for the info. A drive to San Pedro is better than a drive to Mexico;D


05-19-2005, 11:40 PM
Hey Dude,

The place to get your stuff is called "The Sunshine Market" on Pacific and 11th. They're a small family store and they sell specialty Croatian and Italian goods. If you're going there you should also pick up a bottle of Olive Oil (Splitska) it's the smaller of the two Croatian Olive Oil bottles there. Also, there is an excellent Plavac Mali wine there called "Zlatan Plavac" from the Island of Hvar. Their meat counter is awesome (I recommend the Cevapcici) Ask for "Ante" (AHN-tey).

If I remember right you can also get the Vanilla Sugar at McCowan's, and at A-1 which is an Italian Deli right next door to my buddy Tony Marabella's place.



05-20-2005, 12:43 AM

Is there any chance of you posting the backlava recipe on the forum? I love a good backlava! Being in the upper midwest I haven't had a good one since I moved away from the Bay Area. Plenty of mediocre to awful ones out here... I'm getting less and less hopeful of ever finding a decent backlava in Wisconsin / Iowa.


05-21-2005, 06:21 PM
Hi guys,
Oskaar, in your Oskaar's PeachyCot Hangover Nectar recepe,you leave the peach and apricot seeds (pits) in the bag while fermenting? I'm only asking because we have an apricot tree and from what I see it has tons of fruit. I should be able to get enough from the top, the area Cheyenne does not reach.

Oskaar, your posting "Apple of my eye" ( I think) was moved and the link is dead. Was that a recepe? I am still in the gathering info. stage.

WW, I will closely observe my mom this week, she has to make some baklava for a party we're invited to. She has a strange way of measuring stuff, in cups and by hand, hardly ever uses a scale. The basic ingredients are Filo dough sheets, the fresher the better, walnuts (ground in a grinder, just make sure you have small and not so small chunks of wallnuts), butter - she uses the european no salt kind because of the higher fat content. She makes the syrup from water and sugar with a little orange peel and just a few drops of rum essence. The trick is when to add the syrup. After you bake the baklava, if the baklava has cooled to room temp., the syrup should be warm to touch, and vice versa. I took a stab at making it once..... my dog had a hard time eating it :-\. I will get more detailed instructions for you as soon as she bakes it.
On the same note, if the Filo is not that fresh, it will have some tears in it....my mom will brush a sheet with melted butter, just like for baklava, spinkle a mix of finely ground wallnut and cinnamon on the whole sheet, roll it lenghtwise on a stick about 3-4 mm in diameter, and then push the ends towards each other to make the whole thing look like a giant catterpillar.
She bakes them (without the stick), cuts them in 3-5 in. segments, adds syrup and...voila!
If the dough sheets are very dry, she layers them between damp towels ( ring them very well, just the humidity is needed, no need for extra water).

Eat, drink and be Marry ???(if that suits you, but it is not neccessary)
Have fun y'all

05-21-2005, 07:53 PM
I leave the pits in during primary, or sometimes for a short time in secondary. It helps to round out the flavor and gives it some depth and mouth volume.

Here's a link the the cyser recipe I posted: