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05-23-2005, 11:37 AM
Hey y'all!

I'll be in Kansas City (well, Overland Park) from the 27th to the 1st, visiting my uncle. I'm planning a trip to Pirtle Winery to taste their meads and do an interview with them. If anyone is in the area and would like to join me, I'd love to see you! If not, maybe we can get together for lunch or dinner or something.......

Email me offline, and let me know! 8)


05-24-2005, 11:59 AM
Glad to see you making it out to the KC area Vicky! I live pretty close to OP myself. Shot you an email yesterday. Hope to here from you.


05-27-2005, 11:41 AM
Hey Vicki!

You know which day you plan to be at Pirtle yet?


05-27-2005, 08:05 PM
I live in Leavenworth, which is just across the river from Weston, where Pirtle is. My wife and I would love to meet up this weekend. We've known about Pirtle for a while, but we are always too busy to go for a tasting at the winery. This would be a great excuse to make the time for it!

Green and Vicky, I will also shoot you guys email about this.

05-30-2005, 07:08 PM
Hey guys, I didn't have email access for a couple days while down here, and we just decided on Sunday to come out to Pirtle today. I'm sorry I couldn't get up with you, but didn't anticipate that my uncles' computer would be having 'issues'. I spent most of yesterday getting it working for them again....

Greenblood, dude, I'm really sorry. I meant to get up with you before we went, but the durn computer issues and our lack of planning (until the last minute) messed it all up.

Veektor and Greenblood both, you *need* to visit! I had some raspberry mel there today that was da bomb. Man, I don't think that I've ever had a raspberry mead this good. You could practically feel the raspberries in your mouth!

The schedule here has been a bit weird. Tomorrow we do the 'dead relatives tour', which will take us to Toronto, Coyville and Girard, KS to visit the graves of my grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents. This is done each time we come down here, and this year it will be happening tomorrow. Wish I could have met up with you guys!

Vicky - a little squiffed on raspberry mead

05-31-2005, 01:34 PM
No worries Vicky. I kinda figured you did'nt have email access. We still ended up going to Pirtle on Sunday(check your email for the running commentary). I never get tired of it. My lady and I brought some friends, and had the privelage of meeting Veektor and his wife Mary Lynn in Weston. After tasting everything except their seyval blanc which they were out of (their best white *sad*) we shared a few bottles of mead (of course we had the Raspberry mel) and a picnic basket in the garden. Then we all headed over (or rather 50 feet under) to O'Malley's for drinks and song with Irish folk artist Bob Reeder. Everybody had a great time, and I suspect we will do it again soon. We certainly would have liked to meet you, but know that even in your absence, new friendships were made. :) We all look forward to meeting you at Meadfest '06, and if you are ever nearby again (with email access ;) ) we are always happy to entertain.


06-01-2005, 03:14 PM
Like John had already mentioned, we decided to get together anyway and had a good time. Thanks, Vicky, for providing us with the opportunity!

I am still undecided whether I like the Raspberry or Blackberry mel better. Regardless, I am really tickled that I have a great source of great mead so close to home, especially with liquor stores around here only stocking Chaucer's, if any at all. Now, I don't have a problem with Chaucer's mead, but I am just mad as hell that it's the only one available!

To hell with the liquor stores, I'm going to Weston now for all my mead needs... At least until my own meads become drinkable.