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06-03-2005, 04:15 PM
The following is a post from Dick Dunn found in the latest Mead Lovers Digest regarding the ever increasing difficulty mass mailings present for the Digest in this age of SPAM blocking and ISP overreactions to mass mailings that are not SPAM.


Subject: Do you want to keep getting digests? (better read this)
From: mead-request@talisman.com (Mead Lovers Digest Admin)
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 11:31:28 -0600 (MDT)

Listen up, everyone...grumpy janitor is on a rant here, but this is
important if you want to keep receiving your digests. (Same note is going
to mead and cider digests.)

I've been having more problems lately with mail servers rejecting digests
because of bulk-email blocking, spam filtering, content rejection, etc.
The rejections are bogus, and generally I get no useful information back
from the rejecting server, so there's no way I can "fix" the problem other
than by contacting the postmaster or some other admin address at the
recipient's site. This is tedious at the least, and more often than not,
it doesn't work because nobody reads and handles the admin mail. I'm
getting fed up with dealing with bad mail software and lazy ISPs.

Between the two lists, there are 1600 subscribers. Can you figure out that
I don't have time to give personal service to each one of you?

So here's the deal: If I get a rejection from your mail server on a
digest, for a bogus reason like content rejection, alleged bulk-mail,
etc., I'll make a note of it but keep you on the list.
If I get another rejection on the very next digest, OR if I get repeated
rejections over a short period (even if some digests appear to get through)
I will take you off the list. You will NOT be notified (duh!...because I
can't get mail to you).

Your job:
* If you know you have a persnickety mail server, make arrangements to
white-list the digest. White-listing isn't a bad idea anyway, if you
know how to do it easily.
* If you get notified that mail from the digest was blocked, you better
fix it before a second digest gets blocked and I yank you off the list.
* If you don't see a digest in more than a week, you should figure that
you've been removed from the list. In that case, FIRST find out why
your mail isn't getting through, THEN contact me to get back on the
list. (Use the -request address for that sort of stuff.)

Apropos the last point, I'm going to be sure that there's at least one
digest a week even if the content is thin, so that you'll be able to tell
if you've stopped receiving digests. If there's going to be a longer time
gap in digests (if I go on vacation, die, whatever...) I'll put a note in
the last digest before the delay period. You can also check the digest
archives on the Web to see if an issue has come out since the last one you
received. URL for the archives is in the header of each digest.

Reminder: the address to use for any mail or subscription problems is the
-request address, which is shown at the top of every digest.

Help me keep the email moving and keep the digests fun.
- ---
Mead-Lover's Digest mead-request@talisman.com
Dick Dunn, Digest Janitor Boulder County, Colorado USA