View Full Version : Mead Day Celebration in Houston

08-08-2005, 08:23 PM
Apparently, there were half-a-dozen in town. The one I attended was hosted by the Grand Wazoo of our brewclub. Here's a quick rundown. It was a pretty small gathering at around 10 people total, including 2 experienced mazers, myself, about 4 new brewers and some supporters. The 2 mazers provided numerous samples of the following meads, several of which placed in competition (Bluebonnet, Dixie Cup, AHA Nat'l).

1) Berry mel (gooseberry/raspberry/blackberry), semi-sweet
2) Fireweed/Orange blossom traditional, semi-sweet
3) Fireweed show mead, sweet (AHA National #2)
4) Blackberry mead, semi-sweet
5) Raspberry mead, dry (young)
6) Sparkling dry Cyser (blackberry honey)
7) Semi-sweet Cyser (wildflower)
8) Orange Blossom show mead, sweet
9) Tupelo show mead, sweet

Also grilled some brats and had some great food as well as brewing a sweet Orange Blossom Hazelnut mead and 3 Belgian ales (Dubbel, Trippel, Biere de Garde). All-in-all, a great day in the heat. Lots of chances to expand the palate, learn about mead, and entice the uninitiated!

Hope everyone had a great Mead Day!