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08-29-2005, 03:26 PM
This is a mead-only competition. Note that the venue has changed but everything else is the same.

If you've got mead, prepare to enter the 1st annual Valhalla - The Meading of Life Mead-Only Competition to be held Saturday, October 15 at the Mt. Pleasant Café, 311 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19119 (http://www.mtpleasantcafe.com).

This competition will judge meads in BJCP categories 24--traditional meads, 25--melomel and 26--other mead. One entry per subcategory per entrant, with a $5 per entry fee. The equivalent of at least 2 12-ounce bottles is required for judging, although bottle size and shape are not restricted. No identifying markings however can appear on the bottles. Any standard competition entry form may be used. It is the responsibility of the entrant to properly identify the category and sub-category based on the 2004 BJCP Style Guidelines.

Meads may be mailed or dropped off at Home Sweet Homebrew, 2008 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 by Friday, October 7th. Additional local drop off locations include Keystone Homebrew locations and Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in West Chester, PA.

The competition would like to encourage knowledgeable mead judges to commit to judging this event. Judges will receive breakfast and lunch. Judges should contact David Houseman to secure a judging seat. The judging will take place from 9am to 1pm. Awards will be given out beginning at 1:30. There will also be a tasting with numerous commercial meads as well as the remainder of the meads from the competition following the judging. Following the competition there will be 2 seatings for a Medieval dinner at 4 and 6:30 pm, reservations required; call the restaurant at 215-242-1500 to make your reservations.

Suzanne McMurphy, Competition Organizer (theimann@verizon.net)
David Houseman, Judge Coordinator (david.houseman@verizon.net)
Vince Galet, Asst. Competition Organizer

10-01-2005, 06:37 PM
Bummer, in a different life I lived only a few miles from there >:(. Can't get upset about it though, think I'll have a glass of mead ;D Drink, Laugh and Love

10-07-2005, 07:52 AM
yea double Bummer...I was born and raised there...I have plans that weekend...:(