View Full Version : Blackberry Melomel, comments sought

01-23-2004, 06:48 AM
ok, payday... after a trip to the Local Home Meadmaking Shop I have new supplies.

Vintners Harvest Blackberry Melomel Base 96 oz

5 Pounds mixed fruit Frozen Blackberry, Strawberry,Blueberry,rasberry

Yeast Hulls

So i was thinking...

Yeast Starter, k1v-1116 or D-47
24 hours latermake a must

Blackberry base and 5lbs Fruit (thawned and mashed) in ingredient bag
1.5 pounds Buckwheat honey
6 pounds Blackberry honey
water to 5 gallons
Orangeblossom honey and/or water to 6 gallons and 1.13 O.G
3 grams yeast hulls (just for fun, because i just got them)

Stiring and punching as needed durring krausen in my bucket
After Krausen Remove ingredient bag sqeezing out all juice, Stir well, add bentonite, transfer to primary carboy(s) and airlock. This is a transfer not a racking (keeping yeast and sediment, I'd leave in bucket but i didn't buy fancy lids)

about 4 weeks after transfer to primary, Rack to secondary.
4 weeks into secondary, agitate to stir up sediment, add isenglass, Rack after 2 more weeks to bulk aging.

Fining is something new i'm trying... I had what i thought was a beutifully clear Blueberry mel.... ended up with sediment in the bottles.

01-27-2004, 04:36 AM
I had a big problem with sediment when I did a blackberry mead recently. Look elsewhere on this forum to see my thread about it.

Basically, when you rack the mead, be sure to let it drain into a finely screened bag which will catch the sediment.

01-30-2004, 10:18 AM
Well i was planning on fining with Bentonite and Isinglass, I had a sediment problem with my blueberry, Figured Black berry would be a similar problem, Had also given some thought to filtering.