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10-02-2005, 09:27 PM
I got several things going and I have a few questions....
First, in 3 batches (a one gallon cyser, a 1/2 gallon vanilla dessert mead, and a very small 8 oz experiment) I used D-47 yeast. In the one gallon I used the whole pack. I put 1/2 a pack in the 1/2 gallon and a splash in the 8 oz jar. All were pitched within a day of each other. The cyser and the little joke mead are foaming like crazy. The 1/2 gallon foamed for a day and then quit. There's still bubbles rising constantly, but no foam. The 1/2 gallon and the jar have cheesecloth and rubberbands as airlocks for now. What's happening in the 1/2 gallon?

Second, the only decent sized batch I have going is a 3 gallon blueberry melomel. I'm adding blueberry puree in the secondary. What kind of schedule should I be following? Rack when the airlock stops, then airlock and wait. Do I rack it off the blueberrie puree and wait to clear? Or do I wait for it to clear while mixed with the blueberrie puree?

10-02-2005, 09:33 PM
The best thing about D-47 is you really don't have to rack until you're ready to bottle, some people, according to Oskaar, have left it on the lees for 3 years with excellent results.

If it were me... I'd let it ferment until it hits 1 blip every 30 seconds, then rack over the blueberries, put the airlock on and let it finish fermenting. when you get no more airlock activity, put a solid stopper in it and let it age a minimum of six months before bottling. I'd let it clear with the blueberries... as long as there are no seeds in the mix.