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10-19-2005, 11:23 AM
I'm new to making mead .... we found a bunch of wine bottles that have the corks pushed in the bottles. What is the best way to get them out? Thanks


10-19-2005, 12:04 PM
I'd say that it's too much to bother with. Hit your local restaurant (that serves wine) and ask them for their empties. I have a constant supply of bottles that way. :)

10-19-2005, 12:05 PM
Hi jpr,

Best way I have found:

Get a handkercheif, not too thick and fairly strong, and push it into the bottle leaving one corner out. Turn the bottle onto its side and shake until the cork lands on the cloth in line with the neck. Pull hard, and the cork will get pulled out fo the bottle by friction.


10-19-2005, 12:10 PM
Only 2 local restaurants serve wine. Both will not save them (I think someone that works there takes most of them). The one place that gives them to me only gives me 1 at a time and it's out of the trash...

I'm VERY low on wine bottles as I don't drink wine and soon to be ex hates wine. Only know one person that does and haven't received a bottle from them yet. I would switch to beer bottles, but I can't even keep enough of them to make beer...

So, salvage them if you can. If they're old brittle corks it might be easier to break them up and get them out in pieces. I've never tried the handkercheif trick, but it sounds like it'd work or at least lodge them in the beck enough to use a corkscrew.

10-20-2005, 11:33 PM
when I need bottles I hit the local recycle center, they usually have an entire dumpster full. Take some HEAVY leather gloves, sometimes I have to sift through a few broken ones but after a good washing and a blech soak they are good as new.
Hope that helps