View Full Version : Submitting News on Gotmead.com

03-13-2006, 09:13 PM
You can now submit articles to Gotmead.com! If you are a registered user, login to the site (not just the forum, to the site over to the left) and you will see a menu item called 'Submit Articles' at the end. Mouse over it and you'll see the various sections to submit to.

What I would do is this: Write your article offline in whatever you use. Then go log in on GM, and in your user menu, you'll see 'Submit News'. If you click this, you'll get a submission window that you can put your article in. Cut and paste an intro paragraph (this is the short version before 'read more' on the front page), then paste the *rest* in the second window. Once you click save, I get an email that you've submitted it, and can then go approve it.

Have fun!

Vicky - working on the session failure error....