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  1. Default major bubbling starting to get out of control

    I just started my first gallon of mead this afternoon. I used the "no-age" recipe from the home page of I have major bubbling in the glass carboy, but only one bubble per minute in airlock.I notice the bubbling foam is stating to travel up the airlock tube. I over-filled the glass jug. I only left less than two inches between surface liquid and top of jug spout.

    This stuff is really percolating like crazy. used 1/8 teaspoon Fermax, .6 teaspoon tannin and a packet of Lalvin K1V-1116. Used just under 3 pounds clover honey and about 10 ounces buckwheat honey. OG was exactly 1.100 per recipe instructions.

    What do I do?


  2. Default Re: major bubbling starting to get out of control

    I have a sugestion but it is just a guess others may have a better idea. pull the stopper and clean the airlock take a turkey baster and pull out a couple of inches of must restopper and check again in an hour or so might fix the problim might not but the best Idea I can think of and it has worked for me

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    Default Re: major bubbling starting to get out of control

    A standard approach here is to attach a blow-off tube.

    You take a plastic tube about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long, and the diameter of the hole in your drilled cork or stopper, push it through, and then attach a length of vinyl or poly tubing to this. Stick the other end into a bottle with water or sanitizer (preferred). The overflow during this initial vigorous part of the fermentation will run up the tube and into the bottle, yet nothing will go back into the fermenter. When things quiet down, you put the airlock back on.

    You can saw a small piece off your racking cane for the initial piece of plastic tube, or take the bottom part of an airlock off the same way. Smooth out the rough edges with fine sandpaper, and sanitize like you would with any other piece of equipment.

    Finally, hold on to this plastic tube piece, because you'll need it again. A blow-off situation doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, you'll be glad to have the right equipment.


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    Default Re: major bubbling starting to get out of control

    M.T. That's a perfectly reasonable suggestion.

    It also sounds to me like your airlock is not seated completely and sealed if there is activity in the carboy but there is only minimal popping in the airlock.

    Take the airlock off, cover the top of the bottle with a sanitized cloth and clean the airlock fanatically. Then when you reseat the airlock you can make sure it is sealed tightly. You may also want to just leave the top covered with the sanitized cloth for a couple of days, and then set the airlock once the radical activity has subsided.

    Hope that helps,

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

  5. Default what about foam in filler neck? (RE: bubbling starting to get out of control)

    Hey folks, thanks for all your input on my question "major bubbling starting to get out of control."

    This mead fermentation is much more intense than the hard cider I just completed.

    The bubbling in the airlock is coming up to normal speed now. And I notice that the foam is not traveling any further up into the tube.

    I might have to do the turkey baster method. I don't have access to the suggested tubing equipment

    But one more question please. Shouldn't I also clean the bubble foam out of inside of jug filler neck?

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    Default Re: major bubbling starting to get out of control

    Bubbles and foam inside the glass vessel, or even residue, are not a problem since they were created by hopefully sterilized ingredients and would be a natural part of the fermentation if they hadn't bubbled up. Even the crud inside the trap is not a problem if you could be certain it wouldn't backwash into the must. But on a practical note, you will want to clean out the trap while the gunk in it is still soft and will mostly rinse out with hot water in the sink. So I'd clean out the trap every time it blows even though it isn't absolutely necessary...

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