I had a meeting to schedule with a couple of sales reps in Kansas City. After checking prices on a Courtyard suite in KC, I had a brainstorm: Why not ask the reps to make the 30 minute drive to Weston and meet at a B&B instead? It worked out great and I got to visit Pirtle again in lovely Weston.

I arrived 5 minutes after closing but was there the next day shortly after opening and got to visit with Scott Pirtle, who graciously poured me several of their wines. I tried the apple, Chambourcin, and blueberry, among others. Since it was early and I'd already been hooked on the mead, I skipped tasting those and simply bought some raspberry and the slightly sweeter blackberry.

For those of you have met Scott and Ross Pirtle, you already know what great people they are. For those of you who have tried their meads, you know that they're also first rate. Perhaps you haven't tried their wines though. They are also some of the best fruit and V. labrusca wines around. Pirtle ships their wines to those states enlightened enough to allow it, and I've ordered them online myself.

Here's some photos of today's visit:


BTW Vicky - Scott sends his regards!