Just a quick report on a great weekend.

Our brew club rented a bus for a trip to Stone Brewery’s 10th anniversary party. At 8 am 52 of us climbed aboard here in Culver City at our LHBS/Club house. After a breakfast of bagels, lox and cream cheese provided by one of the members, out came the beer. Everyone brought a couple of bottles of their favorite hard to get beer. Finally a bit before 11 we arrived at Stone’s new brewery and had to spend the next 15 minutes looking over field of tents, each with it’s own selection of beer.

Stone had arranged over 40 different microbreweries to be there from all around the world. Each with their top beers and several with special beers brewed just for this occasion. My favorite was Stone’s double hopped Cask conditioned IPA, it had spent the last months sitting in oak barrels just for our pleasure. Dog head had their 90 minute and 120 minute IPA’s on tap. In addition they had a very nice pumpkin ale that I quite liked which is amazing from someone that generically does not like fruit flavors in my beer.

If you want a list of all the beers that were there you can go to Stone Breweries web site and look up their 10th anniversary party.

RedStone Meadery was there, but unfortunately the meads they choose to bring might not have been the best choices. They had both an apricot and a black raspberry sparkling mead on tap. Everyone who tasted them agreed that they just tasted like fruit flavored soda pop. Maybe having those particular meads with all the strong ales that were there just didn’t show them off very well.

Then it was off for a tour of the new Stone brewery, lots of shinny new metal everywhere. Then back on the bus for a tour of the new Pizza Port brewery (which is actually the old Stone Brewery) and another round of tasting.

Finally we had dinner at the Pizza Port Brew Pub in San Clemente and then back home, quite a day, I spent Sunday laying around the house recuperating.