Vicky and I are going to be making some changes to the site in order to put more premium and nifty content out there for the Patrons who have gone out of pocket, invested time, and generally been a big help here at

First thing you'll notice is that the names of patrons will be Purple (the color of Royalty) in color at the bottom of the main forum page, and that they will have five green stars in their posting profile at the left side of each of their posts.

I'm trying to find cooler colors for ya'll, but unfortunately SMF has a limited supply and we can't customize each individual profile with a different color since the forum isn't designed that way, so for the time being they're green and we'll be working on a purple star to match the purple lettering.

Also many of you will notice that WrathWilde has moved the "Oskaar in A Nutshell" thread to the Patron's Only Section. I'm working on other things on the backend of the site for the next couple of days so if yo notice changes that's probably where they're coming from.