Ok I started this after making one good mead.
It's in a one gallon jug.
2lbs bananas
1 Lb Jar of Jiff Peanut Butter
1.5 Lb Clover Honey
1 Lb maple syrup (imatation unfortunately)
Yellow Star pastuer Champane Yeast.
5Ml Nutrient,
water to almost one gallon (but not that much gave some room)
<5ml amount acide blend.

Blended ( With large blender) bananas and jiff with small amount of warm water, added honey and syrup. Let cool to blood temp and pitched yeast. S.G : 1.1 or as best I could
Smelled INCREDIBLE! Brought back memories of childhood.
IK called it King Of Meads as reference to Elvis' love of Peanut Butter and Bananas.

Problem: Bubbled out half a gallon on to counter! Must smelled and tasted incredible though.
< half gallon left, but its fermenting.
Also my house has water softener if that helps.
I really need to log this recipe, my brother has his carboy ready to make the same thing but doesn't want a floor full of 2.5 gallon must. lol
Any help on the next batch would be appreciated!