Tragedy in the filmmaking world: Peter Jackson has been relieved of duty in New Line's project of making the live-action The Hobbit. Sam Raimi (Spider-Man movies) has been approached to take his place, but no word on whether he has accepted.

I learned this the other night, but I've been too stunned to speak. I'm a charter member of the LOTR fan club. My name is in the credits at end of the extended editions--all three movies.

We saw just Fellowship of the Ring 29 times--47 times for all three movies. Doesn't touch some people's records, of course, but it beats anything we had done before or since. I took my teenagers out of school for Trilogy Tuesday. I feel like I have an investment in this franchise.

I cannot picture a Hobbit script without Fran's and Phillipa's words. And Billy and Katie won't be there!

I'm ill.