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  1. Default Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    Want to make 6 gallon of orange blossom mead
    for splitting into 2 three gallon batchs.

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

    (12/28/06) Started

    6 quarts of draper orange blossom honey
    4.5 gal deer park water (to bring up to 6 gallons)

    1.25 tsp fermaid K
    6 tsp yeast nutrient
    2 pgs wyeast 4184 sweet mead (smacked yeast 4 hours before use) packages had expanded nicely (imo)

    cleaned and sanitized every thing with LD Carlston and star san

    No heat method
    Poured 2 gal water into 6.5 gallon primary
    Mixed in the fermaid k and the yeast nutrient (w/wisk)
    Mixed in the 6 quarts honey

    Beat the heck out of the must with wisk for about 8 minutes
    As we added the rest of the water to make 6 gallons
    Temp was about 65 degrees … ie room temp
    Honey and water sitting in the same room for several days before starting

    Took reading… 1.110 OG if we are reading this correctly

    Stored in down stairs room that temp stays about 65-69 degrees

    Watched the bubbles … bubbling nicely
    When bubbles were down to 3 in two minutes

    (1/13/07) Moved to carboy
    Took reading 1.070
    Bubbles went back up to 3 a minute

    (1/28/07) Bubbles are now about 2 every two minutes

    Took reading 1.070
    Has not changed since 1/13/07

    we believe it smells good and tasted good
    we are shooting for a sweet mead

    have no idea about the alcohol level att

    Is this a stuck mead, and if so what do the experts recommend.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    Are you sure the SG readings are correct? I ask because you were at 1.070 and 3 bubbles per minute on the airlock and 2 weeks later it didnt change. Thats not a stuck fermentation rate if the bubbles are going like that. Not a speedy one but not stuck.

    Regardless though after a month 1.07 is still a lot of honey left.
    6 tsp of nutrient seems like a whole lot so you arent short on that.

  3. Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    I would not have taken it off the yeast with the gravity still that high. But that's water over the dam at this point. Do you have any way to test pH? If so, and if it's lower than 3.5, add some chalk to raise it up to about 3.8 if you can. Other than that, by all accounts that yeast is finicky and stuck ferments are not uncommon. You could try pitching a packet or two of dry yeast (maybe D47 or 71B), hydrated with Go-Ferm, to see if that will jump start it.

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    Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    If you're going to try and jump start this batch (which is stuck) then 71B or D47 are not the best yeast to use here. Try Uvaferm 43, or K1-V1116. Do a search on re-start and use Oskaar as the author. There have been a flurry of posts on this subject recently.

    Here's a link to one of them, and here's a link to another.


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

  5. Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    We are going to try to unstick our orange blossom mead

    We cleaned everything real well and sanitized it.

    We took 1/2 gallon of the stuck mead and put it into
    a 1 gallon glass carboy. We put about 1/4 cup of honey
    and water to 3/4 gallon.

    We put:
    4 teaspoons of go ferm
    1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient

    into 100 ml of 109 degree water and mixed well
    when temp got to 104 piched 2 5gr of k1116 yeast

    Will waiting sloshed the heck out of the honey/water
    must ... nice and foamy.

    At 20 minutes we put in the yeasties ...
    swirled it around for about two minutes
    and airlocked ...

    plan to let it ferment for 24 - 36 hours
    them put into the 6 gallon carboy to see what

    QUESTION: should I put fremaid K or nutrient into
    the 5.5 gallons when I put the 1 gallon back in

    I plan to airpump the 5.5 gallon for 45 minutes
    before putting the yeasties in.

    Then airpump twice a day for 45 minutes for 3
    days and then let it go.

    Any thoughts/comments ... do you think it might

    Is there anything else I should do?



  6. Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    I am by no means an expert on unsticking stuck meads but I have a couple comments and concerns. I havent read Oskaars links so take his advice over mine...

    You shouldnt have to have added the extra honey to the must you extracted. It already has a good amount in.

    you are aerating the 1 gallon part and not the entire batch of mead right?

  7. Default Re: Is our Mead stuck, what does stuck mean???

    We rehydrated on Sunday.
    We aerated the 1 gallon two times

    Let the one gallon bubble away for 36 hours

    Then put in 3 teaspoons of fermaid K and 1 teaspoon
    of yeast nutrient into the 6 gallon carboy then pitched the yeast and aerated for 1 hour

    We have aerated twice a day for 1 hour each time .

    To date there is foam in the 6 gallon carboy
    but no airlock action.

    We plan to aerate til friday evening
    then then leave it alone

    Hopefully something will happen

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