Want to make 6 gallon of orange blossom mead
for splitting into 2 three gallon batchs.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

(12/28/06) Started

6 quarts of draper orange blossom honey
4.5 gal deer park water (to bring up to 6 gallons)

1.25 tsp fermaid K
6 tsp yeast nutrient
2 pgs wyeast 4184 sweet mead (smacked yeast 4 hours before use) packages had expanded nicely (imo)

cleaned and sanitized every thing with LD Carlston and star san

No heat method
Poured 2 gal water into 6.5 gallon primary
Mixed in the fermaid k and the yeast nutrient (w/wisk)
Mixed in the 6 quarts honey

Beat the heck out of the must with wisk for about 8 minutes
As we added the rest of the water to make 6 gallons
Temp was about 65 degrees … ie room temp
Honey and water sitting in the same room for several days before starting

Took reading… 1.110 OG if we are reading this correctly

Stored in down stairs room that temp stays about 65-69 degrees

Watched the bubbles … bubbling nicely
When bubbles were down to 3 in two minutes

(1/13/07) Moved to carboy
Took reading 1.070
Bubbles went back up to 3 a minute

(1/28/07) Bubbles are now about 2 every two minutes

Took reading 1.070
Has not changed since 1/13/07

we believe it smells good and tasted good
we are shooting for a sweet mead

have no idea about the alcohol level att

Is this a stuck mead, and if so what do the experts recommend.

Thanks in advance for your help