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    Default Biggest Mead Making Mess Yet !

    So ..... I finally got around to making a batch of Wrathwilde's Chocolate Aphrodisiac yesterday, and everything went according to plan except for the following little mishap:

    I was heating a gallon jar of some slightly crystalized honey in my microwave so that it would pour easier (yes the jar was laying on it's side) and, with less than 10 seconds to go, ..... POP! No, it wasn't a stray kernal of popcorn that somehow found it's way in the honey, but it was the lid of the plastic wide-mouth jar that blew off!

    By the time I was able to react, about half the contents of the jar oozed out into and out of the microwave, onto the microwave stand, into the drawer of the stand where my wife keeps a bunch of recipes, etc., and onto the floor. What a nightmare, and PITA to clean up. Actually, I think it will be years before all the stickiness is actually gone, not to mention the loss of about 5 pounds of honey!

    In any event, I thought it ironic that this is the first mead / beer / cider making event where I DID NOT have at least one glass of some previously fermented beverage - ZERO!

    Lesson learned: Obviously, I need to have a little buzz going in order to ensure things like this don't happen again!

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    Default Re: Biggest Mead Making Mess Yet !

    Wow I feel for you. I can only imagine the mess.
    I bet you had a drink or two after that
    DId the drinks make cleaning up go smoother?

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    That stinks about making a mess.. and about the loss of honey.. if it is anything like around here that cost you atleast 15 bux.. I am very messy but have been pretty lucky so far with mead making..
    FWIW I heat my honey up using a pot and some warm water.. .then heat slowly... if done properly the honey is ready to pour just about the time i finish sanitizing and getting everything else ready..


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