Yup, this stuff is good. I'm hooked. Drinking my first glass of my "home-brew". I kinda started with a lot of trials and have 10 things going or aging in jugs since I started in early October, but I just got to drink my first full glass of one:

Started a mostly- JAO on 10/17. My main deviation was to use Lavlin 71B instead of bread yeast and to cold-crash it.
11/13 the bubbling was really slow and reading ~1.040. I cold crashed it in the fridge for 2 weeks and racked onto sorbate and sulfite. It is crystal clear, so I racked out a glass.

10/17-12/04, does that count as below the age of consent? But it was good, I could drink it all Fruity/citrus start with a nice sweet, honey/alcohol finish. I'm sure age would make it some kind of good...

I will be starting a 3 gallon batch now with intent to age some. This will be going into swing-top Redstone bottles and probably won't last.