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    Default 2008 International Mead Festival Cancelled

    Hi gang. I'm sad to tell you that the 2008 IMF has been canceled. They will have the competitions, but the Festival will not be happening. Here's the official announcement from the IMA:

    Dear interested Mead Festival attendee and or Home Mead Maker Competition entrant,

    For the love of mead, we are sorry to say the 2008 Mead Festival is being postponed until a date to still to be determined. The decision to cancel was not taken lightly and a lot of people have been working non-stop behind the scenes to make this collective decision. We are still moving forward with a Home Competition the weekend of February 8-9, 2008 and a weekend of mead judging and merry making by some of the best mead judges on the planet.

    We are also continuing the Commercial Competition in 2008 on that same weekend. Over 50 meads have already been submitted. Entrants should be receiving an update on this portion by Christmas. We hope you will decide to continue your support of the competition.

    We are extremely proud of the HMMC and will work extra hard this year to make sure our entrants get the most out of the experience. The location of the competition will be confirmed by the end of December. In keeping with the spirit of the 2007 festival/competition judges for the 2008 Home Competition will still include commercial mead makers, meadery owners, and other mead industry luminaries. We will once again have a collection of world class judges dedicated to providing quality feedback during one of the most focused weekends on mead judging the world has ever seen.

    Additionally, we are working on a format for the weekend that will include possibly 1-3 technical workshops for both home and commercial meadmakers plus an in person meeting for a new mead Association that can be built from the ground up with help from all interested parties.

    Many have given their all in these past few years, on a volunteer basis, to provide a world class competition and festival. These growing pains will strengthen any Association event as it will allow for more individuals to step forward and collectively craft the main industry event thus expanding the competition and hopefully in the future a festival.

    Any questions or comments please contact us at

    Vicky Rowe
    Owner & Webmistress,
    Executive Director, American Mead Makers Association
    Making Mead since 1995

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    Default Re: 2008 International Mead Festival Cancelled - HMMC still alive and well!

    To all you Got Meaders and board denizens!

    I want to reinforce that the 2008 Home Mead Maker Competition is happy, healthy and rearing to go!

    It looks like people really like the PayPal option in the online entry form. Our web entries are well ahead of last year's at this point in time so I anticipate that 2008 will see the biggest and best Home Mead Maker Competition we have held so far.

    Be sure to enter!

    Our medals kick-ass, we have great prizes for each category winner, and the Best of Show Wooden Chalice is plain awesome!

    Petar Bakulic, Chairman, 2008 Home Mead Maker Competition, Denver, Colorado
    Is it tasty . . . precious?

  3. Default Re: 2008 International Mead Festival Cancelled

    I am very sorry to hear this. I had my room booked and everything. Do we know why the event was cancelled?

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    I just found your site recently and I just love it it is great and I can not stop reading about the history and
    all the usefuf information that you have here. Thank-you for what you have done and Merry Christmas....!!!!!

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    Default Re: 2008 International Mead Festival Cancelled

    Quote Originally Posted by goodash1
    I am very sorry to hear this. I had my room booked and everything. Do we know why the event was cancelled?
    There's really no easy way to sum it up. There have been a series of starts and stops throughout the year. In my own personal opinion there were only a few meaderies that really tried to get this thing moving and organized (Rabbit's Foot, Spruce Mountain, Sky River, Munroe, Falcon, Redstone and a few others who I don't recall) by paying membership dues in order to fund the mead festival. The rest of them did not and so the budget was not really conducive to putting on a really top quality festival. Based on that it made more sense to postpone the festival and ensure that the 2009 festival is fantastic.

    Vicky has posted the meaderies that joined and helped to fund the festival with dues somewhere here on Got Mead. I'd suggest that all Got Meaders patronize those meaderies as a sign of support and thanks for them trying to make this happen without interruption.

    The first concern once the meaderies came to the decision that the fest would be best if postponed was that we host the best Home Mead Maker Competition to date. We are also concerned that we still have people out there with plane tickets and nothing to do since the festival is postponed. So we're going forward with that and we are working on new things for both the festival in 2009, and the 2008 HMMC in February.

    I'd take it a step further and let folks know that we are actively working through the holidays on an alternate hotel and location and if the folks with tickets are willing to let us know that they definitely have a flight booked, we can add them in on the rooms and that will give us leverage with the hotel for better rates.

    Hope that helps,

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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